2020-11-24 08:59:15

Love in Myanmar

As an international enterprise, SPICYN implements the concept of "project community with a shared future", pays attention to the local people's livelihood at the project location in Myanmar, recruits and trains local employees to drive the local employment and builds quality resettlement villages. It has donated rice to the residents in the resettlement villages for many years and carried out facility maintenance, medical and education support, donation for factory building, skill training and other supporting works to help the villagers realize sustainable development and long-term stability. It has actively fulfilled its corporate social responsibilities and been enthusiastic about public welfare. It has been active in disaster relief, flood, fire and earthquake relief, rescue of refugees and orphans, and epidemic prevention and control. In recent 10 years, it has spent a total of over 16.2 billion Myanmar Kyat (about 11.8 million US dollars) on various support for Myanmar people. Its CSR practice in Myanmar was selected among the "Excellent Cases of Chinese and Foreign Enterprises Fulfilling International Social Responsibility" by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.