2020-11-24 07:42:36

Wind Power

Through over 10 years' professional development, SPICYN has attracted a batch of professional talents engaged in new energy project development, construction and operation. It has rich experiences in the development of large-scale mountain wind power, and has built the largest single mountain wind farm in Yunnan Province--Daguashan Wind Farm and the first wind and hydro hybrid demonstration wind farm in China -- Dahuangshan Wind Farm. It took the lead in establishing a first-class new energy production and operation center in Yunnan Province. Through smart analysis and early warning of big data cloud computing, it improves the operation efficiency of equipment and enhances the friendliness of power grid connection, so as to realize efficient management of new energy projects in operation in Yunnan Province.

SPICYN has led highquality development through scientific and technological innovation, and built an integrated management and control platform for data sharing, coordination and linkage, relying on advanced technologies such as "cloud computing", "big data" and "Internet of Things". In view of the complex terrain, scattered units, high operation and maintenance costs, especially the failure of gearbox, generator and other large components seriously affecting the safe operation and economic benefits of wind farms, the "Wind Turbine Fault Warning and Intelligent Analysis System" jointly developed by SPICYN and Envision Group realizes the data integration and intelligent early warning analysis of 7 wind turbine manufacturers, 13 models, 36 types of large components and 500,000 measuring points data on the same platform. It is the only early-warning analysis system in China that supports multi-model wind turbines at the same time. It can be widely used in mountain, inland and offshore wind power industries. The false alarm rate and missing alarm rate of wind power units are 0% and less than 20% respectively, which can effectively reduce equipment outage loss and increase power output. The system won the first prize in SPIC's "Green Future" big data and intelligent application competition.